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Cover for Draft Day Confidential

Draft Day Confidential

A Fan's Inside Guide to the NFL Draft

Thomas George


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A behind-the-scenes look into the inner workings of the NFL Draft, its history, and the stories of those whose lives are changed in a single night.

Since moving to primetime television in 2010, the NFL Draft is one of the biggest events in professional sports. In fact, this event’s ratings have now eclipsed many professional sporting events! But what goes on behind the scenes? How do those youngsters looking to make a name for themselves prepare? What goes on in each team’s War Room/

Starting from the beginning, veteran journalist Thomas George shares the history of the NFL Draft—how scouting, preparation, and the event as a whole has evolved into one of the most talked-about sports events in the country.

With interviews with current and former NFL players, coaches, and executives, George humanizes what it’s like for a player waiting for his name to be called, general managers pining over which players to choose, back-room deals between organizations, and everything that goes along with it.

For the first time, readers will have the curtain pulled back for a behind-the-scenes view of all the preparation and steps that come before, during, and after the draft. Those who enjoy learning about the growth of the NFL, how the draft went from a weekend show to primetime, and all the ins and out will appreciate the diligence and insight that is brought to the forefront of one of the most talked-about events in American sports today.

As legendary sportscaster Chris Berman said in the film Draft Day: “Thirty-two teams, seven rounds, 224 young men who, today, are about to become players in the National Football League. A day where lives are changed. fates are decided, dynasties are born, and the clock is always ticking. Of course, I’m talking about... Draft Day.”

Praise For Draft Day Confidential: A Fan's Inside Guide to the NFL Draft

Praise for Thomas George and Blitzed

“Quarterback is the most popular position in football, and football the most popular sport in America. In Blitzed, Thomas George takes readers on a fascinating inside journey of the high-stakes risks and rewards of that job, and how far teams will go to ride a young gunslinger to success. A terrific insider’s view from a long-time football insider himself.” —Mitch Albom, New York Times bestselling author and sports columnist for the Detroit Free Press

“If you believe that the statement ‘by studying the past you’ll be prepared for the future’ is true, then I recommend you read Blitzed! We all make personnel mistakes as we build our NFL teams—maybe more within the quarterback position—so a read such as this by Thomas George is a very worthy experience. I found Blitzed to be informative, educational, and revealing. Great job, Thomas!” —Dick Vermeil, NFL coaching legend

"The biggest mystery in modern football is not what team will finally dethrone the Patriots for NFL supremacy, but rather which hotshot college quarterback will become a professional star. Thomas George rationally and methodically puts a microscope on this conundrum, from what happens when a coach realizes his bonus baby doesn't have the goods ("Devastating," Dick Vermeil calls that feeling) to enlightening chapter and verse on the Eagles' pursuit of new great quarterback hope Carson Wentz. I'm glad George doesn't advance a theorem that will guarantee success for a young quarterback, because as he lays out, there simply isn't one." —Peter King, editor in chief, The Monday Morning Quarterback

Blitzed by Thomas George is a through, complete, and riveting study of the challenge faced by teams trying to find and develop a franchise quarterback. As one who has lived it, I can tell you that Blitzed is a ‘must-read’ for every NFL fan.” —Bill Polian, former general manager of the Indianapolis Colts, NFL analyst with ESPN, and Hall of Fame executive

“A franchise quarterback is the NFL’s most important asset, and Blitzed is the most important work on this subject. Thomas George delves into the subject of franchise quarterbacks, trying to explain the riddle that baffles and bewilders the worst teams, and rewards and stabilizes the best ones. It is educating, enlightening, and highly enjoyable.” —Adam Schefter, ESPN NFL Insider

"I've known Thomas George for a long time and have always respected the quality of his work. He puts years of experience and expertise covering the NFL to excellent use in Blitzed. With particular focus on Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, and Dak Prescott, George dissects the trickiest task in sports—finding and developing the franchise quarterback. How do you know when a quarterback has that "it" factor? Thomas knows." —Jim Thomas, NFL writer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Thomas George has written one of the most important books about the NFL in years. Blitzed is a provocative first-hand look at how NFL teams thrust very young men into the most difficult position in professional sports and demand they succeed—now. I could not put this book down.” —Sal Paolantonio, National Correspondent, ESPN

“Thomas George has spent thirty-five years seeking answers to what makes some NFL quarterbacks great while others fail. In Blitzed: Why NFL Teams Gamble On Starting Rookie Quarterbacks, he uses his wealth of experience and lifetime of NFL contacts to explore what has become the central issue of successful team building in the NFL. Why are more rookie quarterbacks being handed the ball and why do so few succeed? What determines success or failure? Thomas George set out to find the answers and succeeded like Tom Brady. By the time you finish Blitzed you'll understand why more and more teams risk the future on rookie quarterbacks and why all but a handful are doomed from the start.” —Ron Borges, writer for the Boston Herald and author of Present at the Creation: My Life in the NFL and the Rise of America’s Game

“Thomas George knows the ins and outs of the NFL and, in particular, NFL quarterbacking. He dives into the age-old issue of finding a franchise quarterback in an insightful way. George’s interviews with coaches who have found and failed to find that star quarterback provide deep analysis of the biggest challenge for pro football teams. And his examination of the flops is especially enlightening.” —Barry Wilner, pro football writer, Associated Press

“Ever wonder why some early-round quarterbacks thrive and others fail? Thomas George goes behind the scenes to give you the answers from the coaches and decision-makers whose livelihoods depend on making the right choice at the game’s most important position.” —Alex Marvez, writer for The Sporting News and host of SiriusXM NFL Radio

Sports Publishing, 9781683583219, 256pp.

Publication Date: September 24, 2024

About the Author

Thomas George is a distinguished journalist with over thirty-five years of experience. Known for his in-depth research, he has won numerous honors for his writing. Currently the national columnist at SBNation, he has been a columnist/writer at the Detroit Free Press, New York Times, Denver Post, AOL,, NFL Magazine, and was the NFL Network's first managing editor. George lives in Fort Lee, New Jersey, with his wife Tamara and sons Anthony and Ely.