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The Day the Rats Vetoed Congress

Ralph Nader, Fish (Illustrator)


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In this heavily illustrated fable written by the influential public advocate, rats invade Congress — and the citizens revolt!

When a reporter breaks the news that "Rats have invaded the toilet bowls" of the halls of Congress, it sparks a national frenzy. Activists see the rats upending "business as usual," and turn the invasion into a symbol against the lobbyists who hold Congress in their sway. A massive citizen uprising follows, which threatens to sweep Congress clean of Wall Street’s chokehold of corruption — but the corporate titans have ways of fighting back! Gleefully and generously illustrated by famed political cartoonist Mr. Fish, and more than just a story, this is a "how to" guide to effect political change — from a pied piper who’s done it time and time again.

Praise For The Day the Rats Vetoed Congress

Ralph Nader is without
a doubt the most dedicated, fearless, and intelligent citizen crusader America
has ever been fortunate enough to have in our midst.

Fantagraphics, 9781683963219, 160pp.

Publication Date: June 23, 2020

About the Author

Ralph Nader's unrelenting public advocacy over the years has led to safer cars, medicines, and workplaces, healthier foods, and cleaner air and water. The Atlantic named him one of the 100 most influential figures in American history. Time magazine called him the "U.S.’s toughest customer." He lives (and does battle) in the nation’s capital.

Dwayne Booth, more commonly known as Mr. Fish, is an American political cartoonist based in Philadelphia. His work has appeared in Harper’s Magazine, The Nation, The Village Voice, Truthdig, The Atlantic, and the LA Times.