How to Be a Spiritual Rebel (Paperback)

A Dogma-Free Guide to Breaking All the Rules and Finding Fearless Freedom

By Jac O'Keeffe

Non-Duality, 9781684032495, 160pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2019

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Don't let fear stand in the way of experiencing your authentic self. In this courageous, dogma-free guide, spiritual rebel and internationally renowned teacher Jac O'Keeffe offers the keys to moving beyond the limited perceptions you have about yourself and toward boundless, fearless freedom.

Do you ever feel flawed, anxious, or afraid--like something is holding you back, but you're not sure what? The truth is, we can all feel that way sometimes (or even most of the time ). We're trapped by a limited sense of self, held back by our own anxieties, fears, and compulsions. Mindfulness can offer intermittent relief from these contrived narratives, showing us how to be present, open, and available in the moment by observing our thoughts and feelings. This is all wonderful--until the fears and doubts sneak back in.

How to Be a Spiritual Rebel offers more than simple mindfulness. If you want more than a temporary fix, Spiritual Rebel will lead you out of your mind games completely. Drawing on spiritual practices and recent findings in neuroscience, this groundbreaking guide will help you examine the psychological barriers that block your spiritual growth and keep you from embracing true liberation.

You'll learn to cultivate courage, view your thoughts and feelings without letting them define you, and find guidance and support as you navigate the route to boundless freedom without fear. Anecdotes and exercises are given to awaken your inner capacity to see beyond the world created by your mind.

If you're ready to take mindfulness--and spirituality--to the next level and experience true freedom and fulfillment, this candid, sometimes discombobulating, entertaining, and jargon-free guide will point the way.

About the Author

Jac O'Keeffe experienced a spontaneous awakening in 1997. This gave her access to powerful, intuitive, and healing capacities, and influenced her change in career, from pioneering community arts policy at the national level in Ireland to opening a healing practice. She worked closely with a team of medical doctors researching the spiritual causes underpinning clinical depression. The findings culminated in a residential program that O'Keeffe developed, which successfully treated depression. In 2003, she left Ireland to deepen her spiritual practice. After a two-year period of no thoughts, the self-referencing mechanism that creates the sense of a personal "I" had dissolved. O'Keeffe began to work as a spiritual teacher in 2008. She now guides others in her teachings and publications in order to share what she has learned, and assists others to transcend both dual and non-dual perspectives. She also prepares those who have had sustained spiritual awakenings for liberation.