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Cover for Harrani


Caleb Evans


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Desi is a refugee living in poverty stricken Armos. Each day is a struggle to survive and support his drug addicted mother. Eventually, he has little choice but to work with the local crime family, a colorful cast of characters known as "The Menagerie."

Mylitta is a gifted artificer finishing a project thought to be impossible for the University of Arcane Utility. Her accomplishment brings her wealth and titles, but new expectations isolate her from former peers. She struggles to adapt as she grapples with the consequences of her creation. Worse, she finds herself hounded by creatures she hopes are only a part of her imagination.

Both Desi and Mylitta are sucked into a power struggle between the elite of Malkat. After a heist on the university, murder and mayhem follow. Desi and Mylitta find their lives on the line, poised to take the fall for the monster behind everything.

Black Rose Writing, 9781684334032, 228pp.

Publication Date: January 23, 2020