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Miracle Ball Method for an Ageless Body

Elaine Petrone


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Miracle Ball Method for an Ageless Body means not to be defined by a number, controlled by our history or habits, or led down the wrong path with the myths and misunderstandings of aging. Each of us has the ability to sense our physical body. We can greatly improve this ability, by learning how to use our nervous system. This connection between body and brain, allows the body to do what it knows how to do, realign, adjust, recover, heal and feel amazing. While many are using various ways to improve their memory, few develop their muscle memory. Without this tool for our muscle memory, unknowingly we train ourselves to age.

Eventually our bodies lose this ability by feeling less and less with more and more significant negative effects. You cannot move what you don't feel. Exercise is only as effective as our nervous system is responsive. The good news is it's easy to access and incredibly rejuvenating. Using a new vocabulary with words like UN do, UN ravel and UN exercise you find, the antidote to aging. Inflexibility, joint pain, back aches and chronic weakness are greatly relieved as each person develops the confidence necessary to strengthen the body without fear or confusion.

It's a simple process. Exercise is designed to build muscle tension, the Miracle Ball Method for an Ageless Body helps you to reduce the excess muscle tension that robs the body of feeling. Once the feeling is regained, we can breathe again, and move more freely. Our nervous system naturally begins to work. The nervous system is ageless. As we age we tend to breathe less and it creates a cycle of pain that is difficult to ignore. The book will have easy directions, photos, and routines for specific conditions such as improving posture and balance, relief of chronic low backache, stiffness, as well as neck and shoulder problems. It also addresses depression and loneliness and how they impact our muscles and breathing.

Turner, 9781684425945, 208pp.

Publication Date: April 27, 2021