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Cover for A Generous Heart

A Generous Heart

Changing the World Through Feminist Philanthropy

Kristen Corning Bedford


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Do you have a generous heart?

Discovering your philanthropic purpose, and honing the tools and resources to act on that purpose, takes consideration and contemplation. Done properly, this work is a gift to yourself and to the world.

Philanthropy is an expression of thanks and hope that we can create change on the issues that matter to us - and a personal philanthropic plan enables us to live our legacies while we're still alive. Yet, when done without being informed and intentional, philanthropy can create or sustain a power dynamic between the giver and the receiver. It can highlight our privilege and stroke our egos, which further widens the divide between the world we want and the world we live in.

In order for philanthropy to disrupt the status quo and create real change, we need a new lens.

Feminist philanthropy operates on the principles of solidarity, agency, and reciprocity. It has arisen from a movement of people who demand to be a voice at the table, to recognize nature as a guide, and to treat each other as one. Using feminism to develop our philanthropy engages a systems perspective, one that shifts our narrative from one of extraction to one of co-creation, and centers our giving on achieving wholeness and equity. When you approach your giving with this mindset, you're better able to align your privilege with your purpose.
A feminist philanthropist is:
- informed about their passions, the needs of their community, and the resources they have to make a difference
- intentional about how they spend their resources
- joyful in giving and receiving

A Generous Heart guides you on a journey to examine your intent and your passion, in order to create joyful change in the world and in yourself. You are a philanthropist - and you have everything you need to make a difference.

Independently Published, 9781692565282, 210pp.

Publication Date: September 14, 2019