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The Hardhat Riot (Digital Audiobook)

Nixon, New York City, and the Dawn of the White Working-Class Revolution

By David Paul Kuhn, Bob Souer (Narrator)

Publication Date: September 21, 2020

Other Editions of This Title:
Hardcover (7/1/2020)
Paperback (6/17/2022)


In The Hardhat Riot, David Paul Kuhn tells the fateful story of when the white working class first turned against liberalism, when Richard Nixon seized the breach, and America was forever changed. It was unthinkable one generation before: FDR's "forgotten man" siding with the party of Big Business and, ultimately, paving the way for presidencies from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump.

This is the story of the schism that tore liberalism apart. In the shadow of the half-built Twin Towers, on the same day the Knicks rallied against the odds and won their first championship, we experience the tumult of Nixon's America and John Lindsay's New York City, as festering division explodes into violence and Nixon's advisors realize that the Democratic coalition has collapsed, that this is their chance, because "these, quite candidly, are our people now."

In this riveting story—rooted in meticulous research, including thousands of pages of never-before-seen records—we go back to a harrowing day that explains the politics of today. We experience an emerging class conflict between two newly polarized Americas, and how it all boiled over on one brutal day, when the Democratic Party's future was bludgeoned by its past.

About the Author

Bob Souer is a full-time professional storyteller and narrator. He has narrated numerous audiobooks, as well as broadcast and nonbroadcast projects for corporations and ministries across North America. You've heard Bob's voice on CBS, PBS, the History Channel, the Military Channel,, iTunes, and many other networks and sites. Bob is married to Cinda. They have four children and live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.