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Cover for The Missing Method for Guitar, Book 3 Left-Handed Edition

The Missing Method for Guitar, Book 3 Left-Handed Edition

Note Reading in the 9th Position

Christian J. Triola


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Paperback (11/19/2018)
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Remove the guesswork. Know your fretboard. Take your playing to a whole new level

Until now, there has never been an easy, step-by-step method of learning the notes this high up the guitar neck You've conquered open position. You know the middle of the neck. Now take your knowledge of the fretboard all the way up to the 12th fret (And in all 12 keys ) Remember, few players ever learn the 5th position, and even fewer make as far as the 12th fret. Continue your journey to total mastery with The Missing MethodTM for Guitar Book 3

What you'll learn:

  • How to read notes in the upper region of the neck (Frets 9-13)
  • Reading in minor keys, including relative minor, melodic, harmonic, and jazz-melodic minors
  • Continue to solidify your rhythm skills
  • Practice and Play in every key
  • Learn scales in every key while you learn the neck
  • Even more guitar music theory
  • How to hone your sight reading skills

Also included:

  • A review of the open and 5th positions
  • Reviews of keys, rhythms, and the Circle of Fifths

With clear explanations and ample practice exercises, The Missing MethodTM for Guitar Note Reading Series Book 3 gives you everything you need to become fluid in playing in the 9th position

Use this book in conjunction with other method books, with a teacher, or on your own. Great for anyone who has completed The Missing MethodTM for Guitar Books 1 and 2 or experienced players who want to master reading guitar notation.

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Already know your fretboard fairly well? Then test your skills with The Missing Method Book 4 and take your music reading skills to a whole new level

Here's your quick guide to the entire series:

Book 1: The Basics and Reading in Open Position (Frets 0-5)

Book 2: Note Reading in the Fifth Position (Frets 5-9). Also included: reading triplets, tips for memorization, understanding compound time, reading in minor keys, the circle of fifths and how to use it, review of open position.

Book 3: Note Reading in the 9th Position (Frets 9-13). Also included: more reading in minor keys, review complex rhythms, understanding how melodies work, the differences between diatonic and chromatic melodies, a review of both open and fifth positions.

Book 4: Two books in one Crossing Over Positions (Frets 3-7 and Frets 8-11). Also included: how to change keys, reading in minor keys, a review of open, fifth, and ninth positions.

Book 5: Note Reading in the highest region of the neck (Frets 12 to 22). Also included: how to read notation in 8va, reading in minor keys, changing keys, a review of open, fifth, ninth, third, and seventh positions, and a reference section showing you every natural note on every string

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Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781722117931, 148pp.

Publication Date: June 30, 2018