Crave Reset (Hardcover)

A Breakthrough Guide for Mastering the Psychology and Physiology of Cravings

By Dr Elena Zinkov

Proactive Health Publishing, 9781732096004, 222pp.

Publication Date: September 12, 2018

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A leading expert in Naturopathic Medicine dives into the root cause of food cravings, how to master them, and live a guilt free life.

Have you ever wondered why you crave what you crave, why you can't say no to sweets, or why your knee-jerk reaction is to reach for salty and crunchy treats when you get bad news? The guiding principles behind cravings, whether you're craving potato chips, sugar, or other addicting substances and behaviors are the same. Tackle one, and you can tackle all of them.

Dr. Elena has dedicated years of research to studying the nature of cravings and how they relate to all elements of our health: mental, emotional, and physical. Using an evidence-based approach and years of clinical expertise, Dr. Elena shows how what we crave relates to our psychology, physiology, and ultimately shapes our daily habits. Crave Reset reveals the dynamic relationship between evolution, genetics, brain, gut, and hormone health, and contains actionable steps that move you closer to a crave-free and fulfilling life, naturally. You'll find versatile and nourishing recipes for every kind of craving and for every occasion.

CRAVE RESET is more than just a book on cravings; it's a guide to peak health and performance. Dr. Elena has created a master plan to help you rewire your mind, heal your body, and unleash your true potential.