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Cover for The Duality of Being

The Duality of Being

Perspectives from Multidimensional Travel

Susan Nicholas, Stephanie Gunning (Editor), David Provolo (Designed by)


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The Duality of Being details my life and the convoluted journey I made into higher realms of consciousness through my out-of-body travels. In this book, I will share with you the perspectives I've gained that have improved my quality of life, decisions, and relationships. Each of us has the innate ability to separate our life energy from our physical body and travel into faraway dimensions. Many who have experienced multidimensional travel have had a near-death experience that led to this life-changing phenomenon, or what we call a crisis awakening. Though this type of energetic travel cannot be measured or assessed with current scientific tools, it is as real an experience as traveling by airplane to visit coveted locations around the world. Multidimensional travel offers us a gateway to higher or expanded levels of consciousness.

Individuals who experience multidimensional travel resonate with it and possess the health and energetic frequency to endure a temporary separation from the body. It is an intensely personal experience that can occur during times of deep introspection and longing for truth. If my own experience is a reasonable indication, conscious multidimensional travel can shape our perspectives on the broader aspects of human existence.

The world we share appears simpler in the eyes of multidimensional travelers like me. Experiencing true consciousness allows me to handle life with a sense of inner calm and understanding. It is only through consciousness that I have achieved inner happiness and a clear sense of well-being. I hope that many of my insights will be similarly valuable and enlightening for you. Pure consciousness is consciousness from the perspective of the soul. True consciousness comes from the expanded awareness that you are infinitely more than your physical body and that reality is a concept far beyond our physical world.

Human Consciousness Consortium, 9781732433601, 236pp.

Publication Date: October 24, 2018