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Spirituality for REAL

Beyond the Incense and Meditation



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When you hear Mind, Body, and Spirit the words sound kind of nice and one may think of Yoga, Chants, Incense, and Meditations in serene settings. Maybe you just think of a mix of eating well, exercising and going to a local place of religious worship. All of this is really just a pretty veil of spirituality. If one stops here one gets little benefit and then goes treating their real everyday life as very separate from the spiritual. The truth is that most don't know that REAL spirituality lies beyond this veil and is very much the cause and reason of the real life worries of everyday life.
The author, WakunDaMa, takes you on a journey that goes beyond the veil of Incense and Meditation practices. He shows you the actual reality of what it means to be spiritual and why it is actually everything to do with everyday life. The author, introduces you to Mind, Body and Spirit having a much more profound day to day impact on your life than you might ever think.

WakunDaMa applies his natural scientific skepticism that he grew up with and discovers and reveals things in a way that allows the beginner or skeptic of spirituality to start to see a new world open up.

He also provides longtime spiritual practitioners further enlightenment. He takes the approach of not accepting things because someone else says it was so but instead taking time to figure out things from personal experience, "common sense" and basic instinct. He also uses drawings very effectively to drive home some difficult concepts, and he includes very well-presented WakundaMa® Yoga sessions that can be of enormous benefit to the reader. Included with this book is over 1 hour, 13 minutes of the new Crying Meditation and Physical Movement videos available online at the website

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WakundaMa® Publishing, 9781733357401, 100pp.

Publication Date: October 8, 2019

About the Author

WakunDaMa was born in Still Water, Oklahoma an area in the middle of former Native American territories. He was somewhat of a sickly child in his early years contracting the flu regularly every year and like many recovered by spending a day or two in bed getting rest. At the age of 14 he started working with visualization meditations to improve memory and then discovered how it seemed to help him recover from the flu faster. In his first try he noticed recovery in half a day. In the second oncoming of a flu he recovered in 30 minutes. And then for many years afterwards would no longer get the flu.

In his 20's and 30's most of his life was spent working in the corporate world as a computer and electrical engineer. At the same time WakunDaMa continued to deepen his spirituality. By year 2000 he started to teach courses on spirituality and meditation. He also started writing the first Spirituality for REAL book.

However, during this time period he started to gradually enter an ever-deepening crisis and depression. By 2008 this crisis came to a head, forcing him to take a break for several months, spending time in and out of hospital care. During these hard times WakunDaMa continued to write on his experiences and realizations. By 2009 he started sharing these experiences, discoveries and insights in two different blog sites and

A few years later he enrolled in the Barbara Brennan School of Healing hoping to come out with a career outside the corporate world. After 4 years of intensive training in the school he ironically came out better strengthened as a leader in the corporate world and became a highly regarded project manager in the manufacturing and IT world. Still hungry for more strength and guidance he joined a small group of working professionals for an additional five years of facilitated personal growth through the Pathwork transformation program. These experiences helped him strengthen the bridge between spiritual life and everyday real life.

In early 2019 WakunDaMa started creating inspirational videos in the form of improvisational dance to "pop" music. These videos can be seen on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube if you search for the name "WakunDaMa". These same videos demonstrate the application of WakundaMa® Yoga to re-educate tension of muscles in the body while having fun. WakundaMa® Yoga is introduced in his first book in the Spirituality for REAL series.

The Spirituality for REAL series, covers WakunDaMa's experiences and learnings from over 30 years. The first book is dedicated to helping bridge the gap between the skeptic and believers in spirituality. The second book builds upon the foundation of the first book. WakunDaMa's books sharpen the critical thinking of the believers while expanding the considerations of the skeptic. Both are needed as the foundation for deeper and more real-life application of spirituality in the everyday real world such as in the corporate world. His goal in this series is to share a way of being that allows people to hold the right balance of confidence, assertiveness along-side of patience, gentleness, and compassion.

Whether you meet him in person, watch him in his YouTube videos, read his blogs, or read his books WakunDaMa seeks to hold a healing space for you.

You can visit WakunDaMa on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook and at