Preacher Sam (Sam Geisler, Murder Whisperer) (Paperback)

By Cassondra Windwalker

Black Spot Books, 9781733599412, 284pp.

Publication Date: September 17, 2019

List Price: 14.99*
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No one is more qualified to understand the blackest hearts than a disgraced, porn-addicted former preacher who is still in love with his estranged wife. Floundering for direction and beset by the needs of his well-meaning but aggravating atheist sister and her seven-year-old son, Sam Geisler is trying to put his past behind him when the murder of one of his former parishioners by another drags him back into the world he left behind.

Sam may not be Broadripple’s favorite son, but his peculiar gift for listening has earned him the moniker murderer-whisperer, and the police need his help on what should be an open-and-shut case. Fighting for his marriage, fighting with his sister, and fighting against his own demons, Sam may be the only one who hears what the real murderer is all but shouting—but will it be enough to drive back his own darkness?

About the Author

Cassondra Windwalker earned a BA of Letters at the University of Oklahoma. She parlayed that highly marketable degree into degrees in bookselling and law enforcement before pursuing her writing career full time. She criss-crossed the country and then settled into happy seclusion on the coast of Alaska with a zombie cat, a useless dog, and a devoted husband. Her poetry, short stories, and essays have been published in numerous literary journals.

Praise For Preacher Sam (Sam Geisler, Murder Whisperer)

"Complex book with vivid and interesting characters wrapped around a murder mystery. The crime had so many ethical nuances that it would be great for a book club. I loved the book and really enjoyed it." — NetGalley Reviewer

"[Preacher Sam is] Windwalker's latest experiment in the beautiful, sometimes redeemable depravity of the human experience."—The Nerd Daily