Snapped (Paperback)

A Helpful Guide for Broken Neck Recovery

By Sarah Stockett

Custom Pilates and Yoga, 9781733602303, 236pp.

Publication Date: February 13, 2019

List Price: 19.95*
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Snapped is an insightful story about self-examination and the struggle to overcome emotional and physical obstacles while healing a broken neck.

No matter how hard you try, you're never fully prepared for an accident. When Sarah broke her neck, she expected the months of limitations and obstacles that wearing a neck brace brings. However, she was not prepared for all the emotional struggles.

Once the accident is over, there's a moment where you focus on your body and what you need to do to heal. Then, the thought hits you that you could have died. All organization and composure, all thoughts of the future vanish and you're left wondering why you're still here, why you lived when so many others have died.

This book is a guide through a working mother's experience healing a broken neck. All the information the author discovered, all the emotions she felt are recorded so others with broken necks will have a quick source of information--and a friend who has been through this process, too.