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Cover for Radio Ga Ga

Radio Ga Ga

A Mixtape for the End of Humanity

Stefani Bulsara


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Pop Culture is the Opiate of the Masses

Come follow a mysterious, glitchy narrator who races through the universe, tasked with warning any sentient species about humanity's cautionary fail. Our narrator attempts to answer humanity's greatest philosophical questions to create a history of what led to their extinction. But our narrator can never surpass our radio waves, those careless whispers Earth has leaked into the universe, tickling any alien listeners with the absurdity of humanity. (Saxophone Solo )

Who did let the dogs out? What does the fox say?

Is Disney really liable for large-scale child exploitation & abuse in its pop star puppy mills?

Can Tone Def Records create an automated pop star & trick the masses?

What happens when AI takes over humanity's emotional language & manipulates them with it?

Can the Wondaland hackers hijack pop culture to drive attention to their impending extinction?

Will a spoonful of sugary pop music help this meditation on our existential threats go down?


You won't be after you read this Gitchie, Gitchie, Ya-Ya Dadaist, tour de farce masterpiece

Praise For Radio Ga Ga: A Mixtape for the End of Humanity

"An entertaining, uncompromising, often farcical near-future tale that revels in pop culture." - Kirkus Reviews

"Fun, lyrical, and dazzling… Radio Ga Ga is a journey through a dystopian world that outlines a critical perspective of the current state of humanity, and how society’s willful ignorance of the forces that threaten its existence leads to the end of the human race.

What makes this work of art truly unique is Bulsara’s execution of the narrative, which is rich with historical facts and science, yet employs pop culture, pop music, and science fiction to make the reading quirky, light and entertaining. Radio Ga Ga is full of vibrant characters and is as highly educational as it is fun. Accessible to a wide variety of readers, it is a deeply contemplating call to action, with the hope of avoiding a nihilistic future that is as absurd as it is frightening." - Marla M. Good Reads

"The quintessential dystopian novel of our time. Radio Ga Ga explores some expected topics in new emotionally and intellectually complicated ways. It may also inspire you to reflect on life choices and societal norms you take for granted. A perfect fusion of substantive and playful. When it's derivative, it's well placed and brings the levity that makes this book such a page-turner. If you read DListed, watch RuPaul's Drag Race, or swoon for Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews, you will enjoy this book." - Maureen T. Good Reads

Posthuman Post, 9781733712569, 500pp.

Publication Date: April 12, 2019

About the Author

I am the bags of fat burned off during liposuction. I am the clumps of hair that fall out when bleached and straightened with chemicals. I am the excess cartilage ripped out during nose jobs. I am the puss-filled infections that grow around butt injections. I am the raw nerves that are scraped by veneers. I am the gnarled toes and bunions brought on by years of wearing high-heels. When you see a meteor shoot across the sky, I am the chunks of rock that plummet to earth.

I am Stefani Bulsara!