Personnel (Paperback)

Dossier Feldgrau

By Tyler Hanson, C. D. Tavenor (Editor)

Two Doctors Media Collaborative LLC, 9781733836159, 216pp.

Publication Date: May 28, 2019

List Price: 10.99*
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Was the World Trade Center attack an "inside job?"

Did the Indian Ocean Tsunami occur naturally?

What really killed Princess Diana?

Welcome to the world of The Faction, where these cryptic theories finally have answers . . . though they might not be the answers you expect.

Personnel introduces five unique individuals and their tales of terror and adventure, each in their own place and time. Whether they're fighting urban legends in South America, uncovering assassination plots in Europe, or hunting for terrorists in the Middle East, each person's journey brings them all one step closer to understanding the world of nightmares and conspiracies they've been thrust into.

Please find a quiet, enclosed space for transport, open your first dossier, and learn what you can before the next mission. And be careful; if you've chosen to read this far . . .

They've already begun watching you.

Tyler Hanson's debut series, The Faction, is a series of novels set in a timeline not too unlike our own, where conspiracies are connected by sinister means. Follow five individuals who use ill-gotten "abilities" to battle against a global terror. From Ground Zero to the Indian Ocean Tsunami, from Hotel Cecil to Water Fluoridation, the outcasts travel through an altered history. What are they willing to sacrifice to undo these urban legends?

If you enjoy the creeping conspiracy of The Matrix and the bestiaries of HP Lovecraft, then The Faction series is a must read.