Circumcision Scar (Hardcover)

My 35 Year Foreskin Restoration, Neonatal Circumcision Memories, and How Christian American Doctors Hijacked "Holy Cir

By Jay J. Jackson

Hookona Books, 9781734555806, 388pp.

Publication Date: September 8, 2020

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"...a powerful and moving narrative of suffering and recuperation. This unflinching memoir could be a valuable resource for readers researching the negative effects of circumcision." - BookLife Reviews

"Jackson's honesty provides a new way of looking at a practice that is rarely discussed. In the end, this intriguing subject is not only brought to light, but also done so in an impassioned way." - Kirkus Reviews

Circumcision Scar - My 35 Year Foreskin Restoration, Neonatal Circumcision Memories, and How Christian American Doctors Hijacked "Holy Circumcision" to Dupe a Nation

One man's lifelong struggle with recurring nightmares leads him to discover repressed memories of his neonatal circumcision. He details a compelling narrative about foreskin restoration, medical abuse and how Christian American doctors usurped religious freedoms to surgically force a nation into denial about the male anatomy.

After suffering an unrelated trauma at the age of 1, the author experienced parallel memories that caused him to discern he'd been in two separate hospital settings as an infant, and his inability to reconcile these conflicting memories became the impetus behind his lifelong struggle.

As an adult, the author sought treatment for erectile dysfunction only to be chased out of multiple doctor's offices for suggesting circumcision is harmful. Accosted by this extreme emotional bias, he was abandoned by a medical community that branded him immoral and perverse for believing circumcision had hampered his ability to perform from his first sexual experience onward. Equating his abusers to surgical rapists, the author offers an unflinching glimpse into the debilitating mindset of circumcision related sexual trauma - the same debilitating mindset experienced by all victims of sexual violence.

Circumcision Scar is an emotionally powerful story - after reading this book, never again can it be said that circumcision is harmless.

Consider reading this book if you're man enough to learn the truth about what's been done to you. Take a stand if you value protecting children over an arcane religious ritual. Educate yourself before needlessly circumcising your son.


i) Preface
1) Introduction
2) How will your son learn he's been circumcised?
3) Early Restoration Techniques
4) Attack of the Urologists
5) Foreskin Restoration Surgery
6) Embracing Denial
7) Circumcising Our Imaginary Baby
8) The Final Stretch
9) Faux Foreskin
10) The Prepuce Police
11) How I Remembered My Neonatal Circumcision
12) An Apatheist in a Dogmatic World
13) Cult or Culture?
14) Christian American Doctors Hijack Circumcision
15) Foreskin Fascist
16) The Church of Medicine
17) Side Effects May Include
18) Modern Intactivism
- Notes

Other topics include LGBTQ issues, American history, First Amendment rights, religious freedom, medical fraud, sexual trauma, psychology, PTSD, children's rights, child abuse, oppression, malpractice, corruption, Christianity, Jewish, Muslim, religious history, cult ritual, rape, sexual abuse, intactivism, cosmetic surgery