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A Lie Full of Hope

John Herbstreith


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Every day Americans hear of socialism's equality, fairness, and superiority. All the while, we're told that the free market is rigged, uncaring, misogynistic, unfair, unjust, racist. We're told that socialists want to make society fairer by taking from the rich and giving to the poor, that the American dream is dead, and that the youth of today must find a newer and better method if they hope to survive the ruined legacy left by their progenitors. All we have to do to find peace, equality, end sexism, save the planet, end racism and find utopia, is change our course from a free market to a socialist market. The media faun over politicians like Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez for their anti-capitalist message. Hate filled, divisive, virtue signaling rhetoric, is often ignored by many in the media that agree with a socialist spin. It's a message spread by television, bias web results, streaming platforms, college professors, the news, politicians, as well as Hollywood. It's a potent message resonating with the youth across the country. It's a seemingly common-sense message wrapped in the banner of compassion and acceptance. With nearly the entire media spectrum proselytizing on its behalf, it's no surprise that the movement has spread like a cancer. This book offers some explanations as to why so many people are turning to socialism. It focuses mostly on understanding the economics, and why socialism falls short of a free market. It discusses how the bias has become so pervasive that it surrounds nearly every aspect of our daily lives. It looks at the reality of outcome. We'll look at the hypocrisy of America's "new" democratic socialists. I explain why the free market is actually the proven, and moral system. We will bypass the complex trappings associated with economic and political study through the use of simple statistics, economics, history, current events, and personal stories. As a father, veteran, MBA, classical liberal, and an all-around history and economics nerd, I felt compelled to speak up about this subject. Our future depends on others understanding basic economics and the dangers of socialism. We need to discuss the truth of what free markets and socialism have accomplished. Please join me in spreading the reality of socialism and capitalism before the promotion of free thought, speech, and the free exchange of goods and ideas, is a relic of the past.

John Herbstreith, 9781734709704, 422pp.

Publication Date: March 26, 2020