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Can't Stop the Sunrise

Adventures in Healing, Confronting Corruption & the Journey to Institutional Reform

Vanessa Osage


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Can't Stop the Sunrise is the inspiring story of one person speaking up

over decades to reveal the truth that so many have tried to silence.

Immersive Storytelling, Useful Skills for Rebalancing Power,

a Roadmap for Personal and Collective Healing,

an Examination of Patriarchy and Privilege,

& a Guide to Transforming Corruption

Vanessa Osage introduces a warm, wise, fiery, and relatable voice

to the cultural reckonings of #MeToo, institutional abuse in the Catholic Church,

and cover-ups in elite boarding schools.

What happens when a former student steps off the legal path and insists on honesty?

This story illuminates a nation's value system through its gender roles,

sexual health, body politics, news, and education.

"Why is it okay for the headmaster's nephew to do what he did and get away with it,

while those who commit more minor offenses are immediately expelled?",

asked a student at an All School Assembly

at Lawrence Academy of Groton, Massachusetts.

To understand that question and all of its implications, we must look back.

Can't Stop the Sunrise explores the origins of one school, inside one society,

while tracing the life of one student who challenged the corruption she saw

and decided to do something about it.

Most importantly, to resolve that question, we must look forward.

Can't Stop the Sunrise is a much-needed breath of fresh air - a message of hope

that points the way to a new solution.

Stone & Feather Press, 9781735608204, 454pp.

Publication Date: October 7, 2020