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Chris Cross


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In this sharp new fantasy, two young Musicians must overcome their differences to save their world's last hope for harmony-before dissonant forces destroy it forever.

Every Musician in Sedrinel knows the legend. Brio, the most ancient of all muses, chose the First Crafter to defeat the King of Discord-and every Crafter since has relied on Brio and the muses to keep malicious dischords at bay. But Brio hasn't found a new Crafter in centuries, and many Musicians doubt another will ever appear.

Jay and Ark couldn't care less. Jay, an ex-outlaw who knows nothing of music, just wants to escape the debts of his past before they come to collect. And Ark, a prodigy who's afraid of dischords, is determined to become a certified Musician and be accepted by his family again.

But when Brio chooses a new Crafter's heir, Jay and Ark are caught in the spotlight-and together they must race to the Royal Conservatory before a dastardly adversary silences them forever. With the help of a blind guide, a fiery alchemist, and a bionic mechanic, Ark and Jay might outrun the enemies at their heels and bring harmony to Sedrinel once more. But can they survive each other long enough to save the day?

Hadleigh House LLC, 9781735773858, 378pp.

Publication Date: February 15, 2022