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Cover for Rudy and the Sea Urchin Special

Rudy and the Sea Urchin Special

Meghan Piercy


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Join Rudy the sea otter and his kelp forest friends as they desperately try to free Rudy from a great big wad of ocean trash (also known as marine debris). Rudy can't swallow. He can't eat. He can hardly even breathe If Rudy can't manage to gobble up his favorite feast of the Sea Urchin Special at the Canopy Caf every single day, those prickly creatures will multiply into an army and chomp down every last blade of kelp in the forest. Without the protective cover of kelp, there will be no place for any of his fellow sea creature friends to live, not even the sea urchins They must figure out a way to free Rudy from the plastic bottle, balloon, fishing net, and shopping bag all tangled around his neck. If they don't, their lush Kelp Forest will turn into a barren wasteland The clock is ticking. Can anyone save the day?

Rudy and the Sea Urchin Special is a heart-warming children's picture book that reminds us that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. This entertaining story and illustrations introduce youngsters to marine ecology and the concept of keystone species. It takes place in the Pacific Ocean.

Rudy and the Sea Urchin Special is Book 1 in the Blue Marble Friends Children's Picture Book Series.

Blue Marble Friends, LLC, 9781736704509, 34pp.

Publication Date: April 22, 2022