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Cover for Creativity Unleashed

Creativity Unleashed

A Woman's Guide to Unlock Flow and Finally Finish Creative Projects Every Day

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici


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What if you knew you could unlock your creativity and finally finish all of your creative projects if you were given a guide to help you on your way? What would that change for you?

You know the projects we are talking about... they are the partly-started, mostly-dreamed-of masterpieces that line the walls of your heart and your mind, aching to come forth but stagnating all the same.

Creativity Unleashed is here to help. This book is part guidebook, part journal... one part inspiration and instruction, one part get it done.

There is SO MUCH information out there. Sometimes when we're learning something new or dreaming something big, we feel full. Like we ate too much at Thanksgiving dinner. Stuffed.

When overwhelm over the creative process sets in, your head and your heart feel the same. Stuffed.

It's time to take that information, those ideas, and DO something with them. This book will help you to use your knowledge, skills, strengths, and talents as well as your intuitive wisdom.

This book will get you DOING. And through the doing you will then experience KNOWING.

You're done thinking about it,
Talking about it.
You're gonna do it. NOW.
Let's get started....

Compassionate Mind Collaborative, 9781737200628, 268pp.

Publication Date: October 6, 2022