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Cover for Webb Wilder, Last of the Full Grown Men

Webb Wilder, Last of the Full Grown Men

Mole Men & The Doll

Steve Boyle, Shane Caldwell, Webb Wilder (Featuring)


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Webb Wilder, Last of the Full Grown Men has its quizzical storylines set in a Neo Noir city. The characters have a sense of humor along with tons of insider Pop Culture references. As a series, WWLOTFGM is faithful to the hard-boiled detective / Film Noir visions of the 1940s and 1950s but set in the Pop Culture world of today. Webb Wilder, as a detective, is a semi-urban hero dealing with characters who are bigger than life and twice as preposterous. Webb gets dragged, suckered, or voluntarily dives into situations that seem impossible at first, but logic and luck win out in the end. With all of this intrigue and dark images, Webb Wilder, Last of the Full Grown Men can also be very funny. Consider if Raymond Chandler had written Philip Marlowe for a hybrid of Andy Griffith, Stephen Colbert and Humphrey Bogart.

"Mole Men"

Just another case of money, murder and madness, featuring a cropduster, Mole Men, a worm ranch and a blonde named Ruby Falls. As Webb tries to solve two cases with the same nightmare, he investigates St. Vegas county's largest fire ant hill, has to keep calm under a sultry beauty's "helping hands" and tries to figure out how to eat a worm burger and still be polite.

"The Doll"

This tawdry tale of attempted assassinations, psychotic moms and a little doll torn in two, shows that no matter how full-grown Webb might be, he's still just a guy. Barbie's are not Webb's kind of plaything, as a fractured doll drives two mothers to the brink of killing each other's kids -- while the kids try to get married to each other. The final twists turn to the ultimate in greed during the last chapter.

Worm Ranchers Publishing LLC, 9781737667506, 186pp.

Publication Date: September 10, 2021