The Adventures of Pinocchio (Paperback)

By Carolo Collodi, Ian Pedlow

New Holland Publishing Australia Pty Ltd, 9781742571270, 173pp.

Publication Date: March 1, 2012



Pinocchio is a naught puppet boy, who won't tell the truth or go to school. His nose grows each time he tells a lie, and he turns into a donkey when he tries to escape school. All through his adventures he is followed by a Talking Cricket and a good Fairy, and it's their advice that wins in the end. In this enchanting and easy to read translation of a children's classic. Ian pedlow shows why Pinocchio is such an endearing a still modern story. This is not the Disney version, however, and Jiminy Cricket is the Talking Cricket, the Whale is a Sea Monster, and Geppetto doesn't have a cat called Figaro. The original tale has more complexities and twists and turns and makes perfect reading for boys, who, like Pinocchio, are always difficult to concentrate at school. Every adventure has a true moral, and you can learn something each time by paying attention. It is also very funny.