Reggie-12 (Hardcover)

By Brian Ralph

Drawn & Quarterly, 9781770461321, 96pp.

Publication Date: August 27, 2013



Hang out with a young robot hero in his fortress of not-so-solitary solitude

What if Osamu Tezuka's beloved hero Astro Boy was a young robot with endless enthusiasm who lived with a bumbling sad-sack robot friend, a self-centered wise-cracking cat, and a well-meaning but forgetful inventor? Why, then he'd be Reggie-12 "Reggie-12" is classic Japanese adventure manga cartooning reworked in Brian Ralph's trademark style and told with the episodic wit and structure of the contemporary American sitcom. Laughs explode from the page (and the reader's belly) as mishap follows caper follows disaster.
Ralph ("Daybreak," " Cave In") first presented this hilarious pop-culture send-up of the infallible boy hero in the back pages of the seminal Asian culture magazine "Giant Robot," and it instantly became one of the magazine's most popular and enduring features. Come along for a wild ride with Reggie-12, Casper, and Professor Tinkerton as they eat pizza, play video games, and get dissed by bad guys.

About the Author

Brian Ralph was a founding member of the influential and now-disbanded art collective Fort Thunder, acclaimed for their artistic melding of influences from comic books, video games, television, and fine art. With his award-winning debut work, Cave In, Ralph emerged as a premier cartoonist with a visual language all his own. He lives in Savannah, Georgia, where he is a professor at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Praise For Reggie-12

Praise for Daybreak

“Ralph’s fine storytelling is matched by his textured, deceptively cartoony artwork.” —Boing Boing

“[Daybreak is] a storytelling tour de force . . . One of the best books of the year.” —Entertainment Weekly