No Representation Without Consultation (Paperback)

A Citizen's Guide to Participatory Democracy

By Patrizia Nanz, Claus Leggewie, Damian Harrison (Translator)

Between the Lines, 9781771134071, 160pp.

Publication Date: July 30, 2019

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Democracy is in crisis. As neo-Nazis, right-wing populists, and authoritarians, old and new, stake their claims around the world, democracy faces its greatest challenge yet. The only way to save it is to change it.

Democracy as we know it is flawed. The three pillars that divide power in liberal democracy--the executive, legislative, and judicial--keep citizens from making decisions about policies that affect them most. For a true democracy to flourish, argue Patrizia Nanz and Claus Leggewie, we need a fourth pillar: the consultative.

This short and accessible guide to new kind of political engagement offers a chronicle of the political past and present--including an important analysis of right-wing populism's recent and historic allure--and a robust analysis of the accomplishments of protest movements and citizens' groups. With a rare optimism, which values the wisdom of the masses over the narrow-mindedness of today's tyrants, this guide is a modern call-to-arms for a more democratic future.