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The Monster of Marnmouth Valley

Charlie J. Greene


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"Deep in the Kelna forest in the heart of Marnmouth Valley lies a fountain with extraordinary water. A creature discovered the fountain and began to drink the water. It has since found a way to ensure it is the only one that gets any of the water from the fountain. The less water that reaches the land, the more it dies. And if the valley dies, everyone in it will have to leave, or perish along with the land."

Ellian Woodborough has dreamt of adventure all twelve years of her life. When neighbouring Marnmouth Valley is threatened by a mysterious creature, she is given the chance to go on a real quest. The only issue? Ellian is given the role of the sidekick while the one fated to save the valley turns out to be 72-year-old Beth who would much rather stay at home and finish her knitting.

With Beth knowing nothing about adventures or fighting monsters-and harbouring secrets even she is unaware of-Ellian soon finds her lifelong dream becoming a nightmare. Still, she must lead Beth along the treacherous path towards her destiny if they ever want to survive the forest and defeat the monster of Marnmouth Valley.

The Monster of Marnmouth Valley is the debut middle-grade fiction novel of author Charlie J Greene. It explores the idea of exceeding the expectations and limits people have for you-even the ones you have for yourself. Young readers will delight in the humour, danger, and what it really means to be a hero.

Charlie J. Greene, 9781777246709, 190pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2020