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Cover for The Attributes of Mastery

The Attributes of Mastery

Blanca Beyar


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For ages, Masters of spirituality have been teaching the simple principles of living and of being. In our modern time, it has become increasingly difficult to implement the teachings to our everyday lives. Attributes of Mastery is a revised interpretation of specific states of being that can lead us to walk and to experience the wisdom and bliss that sages and gurus have been teaching and inspiring us to follow. Blanca Beyar, a modern time Guru and healer, intimately shares her own initiations of struggle and perseverance as she walked the journey to spiritual freedom and how the attributes of mastery created a foundation for her life's purpose. Discover the attributes that will provide the keys to your own unique Mastery.

Ayni Books, 9781780994536, 152pp.

Publication Date: December 16, 2012

About the Author

Bianca Beyer has been practicing reiki healing for 11 years. She lives in New York.