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Cover for Why Progressives Need God

Why Progressives Need God

An Ethical Defence of Monotheism

Jonathan Clatworthy


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Environmental destruction, poverty in the midst of obscene wealth, one war after another. Our biggest crises are getting worse. Secularism makes this inevitable by denying any moral authority higher than the ruling classes. By contrast, religious traditions offer accounts of who made us, for what purpose and how we should live, but whilst some are more constructive than others it is only monotheism, defined as divine harmony, that provides the philosophical and ethical framework necessary for people to lead better lives. Drawing on cultural analysis, political philosophy, Christian apologetics and theodicy the author shows why, in order to resolve our crises, progressives need to reaffirm the goodness of the natural environment as a blessing from a good god.

Christian Alternative, 9781780997742, 382pp.

Publication Date: November 24, 2017

About the Author

Jonathan Clatworthy is a theologian promoting liberal approaches to Christianity and seeking to engage creatively with contemporary social issues. He lives in Liverpool, UK.