Turbulence (Paperback)

By Samit Basu

Titan Books, 9781781161197

Publication Date: July 9, 2013

List Price: 14.95*
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Aman Sen is smart, young, ambitious and going nowhere. He thinks this is because he doesn't have the right connections--but then he gets off a plane from London to Delhi and discovers that he has turned into a communications demigod. Indeed, everyone on Aman's flight now has extraordinary abilities corresponding to their innermost desires.

Vir, a pilot, can now fly.

Uzma, an aspiring Bollywood actress, now possesses infinite charisma.

And then there's Jai, an indestructible one-man army with a good old-fashioned goal -- to rule the world!

Aman wants to ensure that their new powers aren't wasted on costumed crime-fighting, celebrity endorsements, or reality television. He wants to heal the planet but with each step he takes, he finds helping some means harming others. Will it all end, as 80 years of superhero fiction suggest, in a meaningless, explosive slugfest?

features the 21st-century Indian subcontinent in all its insane glory--F-16s, Bollywood, radical religious parties, nuclear plants, cricket, terrorists, luxury resorts, crazy TV shows -- but it is essentially about two very human questions. How would you feel if you actually got what you wanted? And what would you do if you could really change the world?

About the Author

Samit Basu is one of India's most talented and prolific young writers with an existing and impressive profile in comics culture, science fiction and fantasy.

Praise For Turbulence

"This book is as highly satisfying as its sequel is eagerly anticipated." - MuggleNet

"The characters are brilliantly written... With a globe-trotting sensibility even James Bond would be proud of, the cinematic action sequences are as breath-taking as anything Hollywood has to offer, so the campaign for a big-screen version, or failing that, at least a sequel to the book begins here!" - IGN

"It is somewhat self-referential, inventive and very clever. But most of all, it is fun. If you have ever picked up a comic book and enjoyed it, then this is a must-buy." - Starburst

“Solid writing, great character development, humor, personal loss, and excellent points to ponder in every chapter.” – Wired’s Geek Dad

"Turbulence delivers exactly what it intends: an entertaining, well-written read. In the genre’s history it will be seen as an important work, a reflection of the subcontinent’s growing self-confidence. Indians have had the pleasure of enjoying his work for about a decade now, and it is wonderful that Titan Books has decided to make it available outside the subcontinent." – SF World Review

"The action is fast and full of iconic fight scenes that feel straight out of a comic book...The humour and cultural references are fun and spot on." – Geek Syndicate

“It’s funny, smart, touching at times and horrifying at others, highly suspenseful, and it definitely speaks to the universality of human nature.” – Popcorn Reads 

“A worthy novel in its own right.” – Bad Haven

“Basu carries off an exciting, entertaining story that has some new things to offer.”
With An Accent

“A strong contender for novel of the year, Samit Basu’s Turbulence races along at
lightspeed and leaves you breathlessly demanding more.” – One Metal 
“I would highly recommend this book for comic book fans, obviously. But if you also liked shows like Heroes (well, at least the first season) or Alphas, you’re going to love this book. Turbulence covers it all: action, romance, politics and moral dilemmas. And it will definitely leave you wanting more.” – Fangirl Confessions 

“Samit Basu does characterization incredibly well, bonding the reader with the characters as quickly as a television show.” – Fanboy Nation 

“Perfect sibling to Misfits, another great take on the superheroes genre.”

“Turbulence is the best book I’ve read this summer.” – Geek Hard    

“For any superhero fan, Turbulence is a must-read. It’s got everything you’d ask for out of a comic book, packed into a clever, action-packed novel. It’s got a modern edge that puts it in it’s own category of awesome.” – Nerdophiles 

“Turbulence is highly recommended. Bring on the sequel, Mr. Basu!” – Nerds In Babeland 

“The novel races toward a climactic Battle Royale, Transformer-style mega-romp. It’s super terrific. The author has already written a sequel (called Resistance) and we couldn’t be happier. To paraphrase Alan Moore: “Superman exists, and he’s not American.” Long live the Justice League of India!” – Superhero Novels 

'Basu did a wonderful job of strategically just the right amount of pop culture references in the just the right places and in the right quantities." - Nerd Trek