Potato Chip Economics (Paperback)

Everything You Need to Know about Business Clearly and Concisely Explained

By Philip Theibert, Elizabeth Theibert

Business Books, 9781782790341, 263pp.

Publication Date: June 16, 2013



The only way to learn to hit a baseball is to go out and hit a baseball. So this book is not based on lectures or obscure wisdom found in economic departments. This book is based on the real world of business and is designed to show you how the economy really works. How supply and demand sometimes have nothing at all to do with setting prices. How one government decision can cause a shortage of raw materials. What your boss or your CEO is really dealing with. And above all, this book is designed to help you get and keep a job. It will help you, when you go into any job interview, to come across as a bright person, who understands the complexities of business, who can read a basic balance sheet, yet on another higher level can discuss the current regulations and legislation pending that can hurt your industry. Welcome to Potato Chip Economics, where you will learn about marketing and production and economics and government regulations and cancer scares and all sorts of economic stuff no one has ever explained to you before in a way that you can understand how the real world works.

About the Author

Philip Theibert has been a corporate speechwriter, copywriter, technical writer, reporter, editor and author. He lives in Birmingham, AL.