The Sages of Chelm and the Moon (Hardcover)

By Shlomo Abas, Omer Hoffman (Illustrator)

Green Bean Books, 9781784383695

Publication Date: May 16, 2019

List Price: 24.95*
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Welcome to the topsy-turvy world of Chelm - the city of wise fools celebrated in Jewish folklore. According to legend, Chelm was populated by preposterously silly townsfolk. There are numerous tales of their idiotic exploits and the most famous is the story of the people of Chelm and the moon...

The people of Chelm have a problem. They love to walk the streets at night under the light of the radiant moon. But every now and then, the moon disappears from the sky and they can't find their way home. Perhaps someone is stealing it, or maybe it's hiding on purpose? Being very clever, the wise people of Chelm know exactly what they must do. They will buy a brand-new moon - one that will shine clear and bright every night. But will everything go according to plan?

Shlomo Abbas retells the story with a perfect comic touch and Omer Hoffmann illustrates the tale beautifully.

For 4-8-year-olds.