The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity (Paperback)

Enhance Your Mental Health with the Power of Coincidence

By Christopher Mackey

Watkins Publishing, 9781786782731, 320pp.

Publication Date: August 13, 2019

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''A profound introduction to deep concepts of mind, meaning and the challenges of creating a life well lived for everyone.'' Ernest Rossi, PhD, author of The Psychobiology of Gene Expression and Creating Consciousness

Synchronicity is meaningful coincidence that connects our inner and outer worlds. This book reveals how it can guide us along our life path, helping us through challenging times and nudging us toward self-fulfilment. Psychologist Chris Mackey writes from personal experience, not only as a practitioner but also as a patient who experienced mental health struggles in his early adult life. Formerly a rationalist with little time for non-scientific approaches, his own experiences and those of his patients have convinced him that synchronicity has a key role to play in helping us to tap into our intuitive and spiritual selves and guiding us through life. This exciting new approach to synchronicity and the treatment of depression and other mental disorders will be of great interest to practitioners and patients alike, as well as to anyone interested in the opportunities offered by altered states of consciousness.

The book includes:

   • Carl Jung's original description of synchronicity

   • Real-life case studies

   • Brain science

   • Practical ways to work with synchronicity, including journalling, symbol analysis and dream interpretation.

About the Author

Chris Mackey is a clinical psychologist based in Australia with over 35 years' experience gained in public psychiatry and private practice settings. He presents regularly at national and international scientific conferences on topics such as drawing on synchronicity in psychotherapy. A frequent contributor of newspaper articles and radio interviews, he also has a slot on the wellbeing TV show Destination Happiness. For more information, see:

Praise For The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity: Enhance Your Mental Health with the Power of Coincidence

“A profound introduction to deep concepts of mind, meaning and the challenges of creating a life well lived for everyone.”
– Ernest Rossi, PhD, author of The Psychobiology of Gene Expression and Creating Consciousness

'I’m a huge fan of this book. Chris Mackey has blended his work on synchronicity with the field of positive psychology in a way that is informative and inspiring. Looking back, I’ve had many moments of synchronicity in my life’s journey – some after great triumph, others after great pain. This book has helped me to really understand what occurred and has taught me how to move forward in ways that will make better use of the future moments of synchronicity.  As Mackey so eloquently says “There’s much to be gained from taking an optimistic perspective” and this book will help you do just that. Thanks Chris for your wisdom!'
- Professor Lea Waters (PhD), President International Positive Psychology Association 

Chris Mackey, a traditionally trained psychologist, explores his deeply personal journey, his own “hero’s journey” into the dark night of the soul. His exploration is richly sourced and offers a fine balance between providing sufficient explanations to make the profound mysteries of human experience accessible to even the most sceptical reader on the one hand, and on the other descending into the trap of explaining these mysteries away . . . he invites us to transcend the tired and limited attitude of “treating” mental illness, offering the possibility of Positive Psychiatry through synchronicity.
- Rob McNeilly, Centre of Effective Therapy (CET), Tasmania