Speculative Annihilationism (Paperback)

The Intersection of Archaeology and Extinction

By Matt Rosen

Zero Books, 9781789041477, 112pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2019

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If Levinas and Negarestani raised a child enchanted by the dark, then this is his debut. In this book, Rosen argues that current archaeological theoretic approaches are not up to the task of adequately theorizing exhumation in our present age of extinctions. Speculative Annihilationism attempts to "think thought's extinction," suggesting a new ontological ground for archaeology. Combining contemporary work in speculative philosophy, saprophytic dialectics, and Levinasian ethics, Rosen's "putrefied-thought" explores themes of the unthought and unthinkable, anonymity, otherness, and meaninglessness so that archaeology can be granted a new basis, a new avenue of inquiry at its intersection with extinction.

About the Author

Matt Rosen is a theorist, writer, and student whose research centers on the archaic, the dark, and the relation between people and things. He is currently a student at Colorado College.