Seed (Paperback)


By Joshua David

Independently Published, 9781790137459, 226pp.

Publication Date: November 23, 2018

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Ac+ion. Adventure. Meaning.

What is SEED in a sea of bland inspiration? Seed is Ben-Hur, if Ben was Special Forces and fought demons for fun. Seed's world has been Left Behind, but explosions replace browbeating. A Narnia for adults.

Synopsis: SEED falls from the heavens and judges humanity. One foretells of the coming calamity, but the words are heeded too late.
Few remain after the war against the cosmic demon. Long confined to one of the few outposts left on Earth, Sal accepts an unauthorized mission to find a survivor lost in the Vegas wastes.
He believes his target is special, imbued with a spirit that might finally turn the tide against the darkness. But to save her from the risen still haunting humanity, he'll have to fight alone and outgunned against enemies that have already conquered the world.