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Cover for Pagan Portals - The Temple Priestesses of Antiquity

Pagan Portals - The Temple Priestesses of Antiquity

Lady Haight-Ashton


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The Temple Priestesses of Antiquity tells the story of the Oracles and Sibyls, Seers, Psychics, Sacred Dancers and Healers of ancient civilizations. They were empowered women who enthralled those who sought their advice and served the Goddess they revered. Tales about ancient Priestesses and the Sacred Temples where they lived, prayed and worked thousands of years ago, have fascinated archaeologists and historians for decades. Living in complex temple structures above ground and in underground cavernous tunnels, they shared vows of chastity and lived a dutiful and respected life. The Temple Priestesses of Antiquity is a story of these women, some well known and others forgotten to the centuries.

Moon Books, 9781803410289, 128pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2022

About the Author

Lady is a known author, teacher, Sacred Dancer, Priestess of Lilith, Selket, Hecate and Isis, FOI, ATC, and a Gardnerian and Cabot Hermetic Tradition High Priestess. Lady is a professional psychic and trance medium, tarot reader, licensed clergy counselor, member of the Maine Pagan Clergy Association, the Crossroads Lyceum, and the Sacred Dance Guild. She lives in Maine, USA.