Contentious Issues (Paperback)

Discussion Stories for Young People

By Marianna Csoti

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 9781843100331, 368pp.

Publication Date: November 14, 2001

List Price: 39.95*
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Challenging prejudice, stereotyping and judgemental behaviour, this book consists of forty discussion stories which reflect society and the problems young people face today. Aimed at promoting discussion and awareness, the author challenges young people to consider events and the part they themselves play in life, thus producing more responsible and independently thinking young adults. In particular, children with Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism often have difficulty in coming to grips with social situations, so that the stories in this volume should be especially useful for those working with such children.

The stories are primarily intended for group work (although can be used on a one to one basis) and, since young people take more notice of what their peers have to say than adults, it provides an excellent forum for a multitude of opinions to be aired. No previous experience or knowledge of the topics is necessary and the book contains comprehensive guidance for professionals and parents. It is ideal for use in therapy sessions, schools, youth groups, and by parents.

About the Author

Marianna Cs[ti taught in the London Borough of Brent before becoming a houseparent at an international sixth form college located in Glamorgan where she is responsible for the pastoral care of students aged 16-20. She is the author of Social Awareness Skills for Children and People Skills for Young Adults, published by Jessica Kingsley, and Assertiveness for Young Adults.