Mrs. Muffly's Monster (Hardcover)

By Sarah Dyer (Illustrator)

Frances Lincoln Ltd, 9781845077617, 36pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2008



Mrs. Muffly lives by herself in a house on top of a hill. She's always been a bit strange, but lately she's been very, very strange. What on earth would Mrs. Muffly need with 27 dozen eggs, 58 pounds of butter, 41 bags of flour, an enormous pile of sugar, and 464 jars of jam? Could it be that Mrs. Muffly is keeping something in the basement . . . something like a HUGE MONSTER? What else could explain Mrs. Muffly's epic shopping trips? Dyer's playful picture book is a treat for eyes and ears, and her recipe for a not-so-monster-sized cake is just as much a treat for little mouths.

Praise For Mrs. Muffly's Monster

Child Education Plus This book was another huge hit, not least for its bright blue, imaginary monster, with fabulous spotty shorts and an elegant stripey tail. Mrs Muffly creates an intriguing puzzle with her amazing shopping exploits.’