Sherman Firefly vs. Tiger: Normandy 1944 (Paperback)

Normandy 1944

By Stephen Hart

Osprey Publishing (UK), 9781846031502, 80pp.

Publication Date: September 18, 2007



The German Tiger heavy tank was a monster of a machine that dominated the battlefields of Europe. One of the most feared weapons of World War II, the Tiger gained an aura of invincibility that was only shattered by the introduction of the Sherman Firefly during the summer of 1944. Specifically designed by the British to combat the Tiger, the Sherman Firefly was based on the standard American M4A4 Sherman medium tank, but was fitted with a powerful 17-pounder gun which made it a deadly opponent for the Tiger.

This book describes the design and development of these two fierce opponents, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses and assessing their tactics, weaponry and training. Innovative gun-sight artwork puts the reader "inside" the tanks during famous real-life battle scenarios, including the infamous Panzer ace Michael Wittman leading four Tigers into battle against eight Fireflies, a clash of steel that was a victory not only for superior Allied numbers, but also for Allied tactics and engineering.

About the Author

Dr Stephen A. Hart is senior lecturer in the War Studies department, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Prior to this, he lectured in the International Studies Department at the University of Surrey, and in the War Studies Department, King's College London. He is the author of Montgomery and the 'Colossal Cracks': The 21st Army Group in Northwest Europe 1944-45 (Praeger, 2000), and has co-authored - with Russell Hart - several popular histories of the German Army in the Second World War. The author lives in Surrey, UK.

Praise For Sherman Firefly vs. Tiger: Normandy 1944

"Written by Stephen A Hart, this 80-page paperback contains textual and visual details of the German Tiger and the British Sherman Firefly, thanks that battled it out in Normandy in 1944. the book compares each machine's strengths and weaknesses and evaluates the tactics, weaponry and training involved." -Sue Brettingen, Model Retailer (March 2008)

"The German Tiger heavy tank dominated the battlefields of Europe and was one of the most feared weapons of World War II. Sherman Firefly vs. Tiger describes its design and deployment, with chapters offering plenty of technical construction information and analyzing strengths, weaknesses and the use of these tanks in war tactics. It's an excellent survey recommended for any library strong in the mechanics of World War II." -The Bookwatch (December 2007)

"...Stephen A Hart, senior lecturer at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, tells how the British sought to counter the already proven superior firepower and armor of the German Tiger I heavy tank by installing a high-velocity 17-pound cannon in the American-built M4 Sherman medium tank... After providing technical details, [the] book discusses crew training and tactics, profiles one or two outstanding operators of each tank and then shows how they performed against one another in combat. Enhanced by photos and artwork, including views of the interiors and through the gun sights, the Duel series is sure to spark debate among Buffs." -Jon Guttman, Military History Magazine (January/February 2008)

"Overall it is a fascinating and detailed look at these two combatants and a shift in the constantly changing 'one upmanship' of military hardware. It is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and I can most highly recommend this one to you." -Scott Van Aken, modelingmadness (September 2007)

"This, in my opinion, is an excellent book for anyone who wants to go beyond the nuts and bolts of a vehicle and look at its actual use in combat. It deals with the (frequently ignored) human factor along with the 'grand scale' of strategic planning... Highly recommended." -Jim Rae, Aeroscale (August 2007)