King Arthur's Bones (Paperback)

By Susanna Gregory, Bernard Knight, Michael Jecks

Simon & Schuster (UK), 9781847373465, 405pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2009



1191. During excavation work at Glastonbury Abbey, an ancient leaden cross is discovered buried several feet below the ground. Inscribed on it are the words: Hic iacet sepultus inclitus rex arturius ...Here lies buried the renowned King Arthur. Beneath the cross are skeletal remains. Could this really be the legendary King Arthur and his queen, Guinevere?

As the monks debate the implications of this extraordinary discovery, the bones disappear - spirited away by the mysterious Guardians, determined to keep King Arthur's remains safe until the legend is fulfilled and he returns to protect his country in in the hour of its greatest need.

A missing right hand. A gang of ruthless bodysnatchers. Brother accused of killing brother. As the secret of the bones' hiding place is passed from generation to generation, those entrusted to safeguard the king's remains must withstand treachery, theft, blackmail and murder in order to keep the legend intact.

About the Author

The Medieval Murderers are Michael Jecks, Susanna Gregory, Bernard Knight, Ian Morson, Philip Gooden, Simon Beaufort, and C.I. Sansom. They are the authors of "The Tainted Relic," "Sword of Shame," "The Lost Prophecies," and "House of Shadows."