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Serious Glance at Chemistry, A

Basic Notions Explained

Evelyn Jeniffer de Lima Toledo, Milan Trsic


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This book primarily focuses on what is generally taught in the first two years of an undergraduate university chemistry program. Yet, it is suitable not just for students, but professionals in fields where a basic background in chemistry is required as well.Topics in electronic structure of atoms and molecules, biochemistry, chemical reactions, energy production and even modern topics such as quantum chemistry and molecular orbital theory are covered comprehensively, while eschewing the more complex mathematics and technicalities. The authors, thus, place much emphasis on learning concepts in this highly accessible work. At the same time, they have taken care to highlight the pivotal role chemistry has to play in the ongoing challenge of climate change. As the world continues to search for alternative fuel and energy sources, this book discusses the relative merits of the latest trends in alternative energy production, and allows readers to draw their own conclusions on their viability.Clearly, this is a remarkable textbook, unique in its clear presentation of both basic and modern concepts in chemistry. Any reader with a basic understanding of high-school chemistry will find their understanding of the subject deepened, and their perspective broadened.

Imperial College Press, 9781848165304, 204pp.

Publication Date: October 18, 2010