Trevor's Toothy Tale (Trevor the Tortoise #2) (Paperback)

By Sarah Gray, Steven Coates (Illustrator)

MP Publishing Ltd, 9781849822299, 36pp.

Publication Date: February 17, 2015

List Price: 9.99*
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Trevor is back and ready for another mission!

Author and illustrator duo, Sarah Gray and Steven Coates are back with a children's story with a difference - prepare to blast off with Trevor the Tortoise!

Trevor was an amazing tortoise, with a secret deep inside his shell. His legs were tired, his feet were achy, and often he was not too well. But Trevor is no normal tortoise because at the darkest part of night he blasted off on a secret mission, this time to the deep blue sea.

Razor teeth all gleaming and sharp have caused a huge marine commotion. The aqua dentist has gone on holiday, leaving sharks with toothache in the ocean!

Can Trevor help? Join him on his toothy tale to find out!

About the Author

Author and illustrator duo, Sarah Gray and Steven Coates, based in the North East of England bring you their brilliant Trevor the Tortoise adventures. Primary school teacher, Sarah, and her computer animation expert brother, Steven, started working on Trevor’s Hairy Adventure nearly five years ago with more stories to come including the wonderful Trevor's Toothy Tale.

Here's what Sarah has to say: I have always loved children’s books and picture books in particular, I like how they open up the imagination and anything is possible. In the job I do, I read all sorts of books to children on a daily basis and I share books with my own children all the time, we laugh together, get caught up in exciting adventures and I began to think about the unusual animal characters who often appeared. I started to think about a magic animal that would maybe do something out of the ordinary and quite like how tortoises plod along carrying their home on their backs, seeming slow, old and wrinkled, but what if they are not actually like that at all? Then I began to wonder what could actually be secretly under that shell? I thought of all the things my son loves such as rockets, mobile phones, computers, superheroes etc. and thought, ‘What if this tortoise, Trevor, secretly blasts off on secret missions to help animals? The possibility of a magical flying tortoise—how exciting!’

Computer animation expert, Steven, started working on Trevor’s Hairy Adventure nearly five years ago with more stories to come, including Trevor's Toothy Tale.

Here’s what Steven has to say about it: My sister Sarah is a primary school teacher and wrote a children's book while on maternity leave which she shared with me. I loved the story, so, in secret, I did a few tentative illustrations to see if I was capable of producing illustrations to do the story justice, once Trevor came to life on the screen I knew I could do it and everything else was just a matter of time…it took me 9 months to illustrate in total but the look on Sarah’s face when she opened it on Christmas morning and seeing her read it to my niece and nephew and seeing their enjoyment has made it all worthwhile.