Horse Latitudes (Paperback)

By Morris Collins

MP Publishing, 9781849822367, 389pp.

Publication Date: December 10, 2013

List Price: 15.95*
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A stunning debut by an impressive new talent. Ethan, haunted by guilt in the wake of his wife's tortured descent into madness, loses himself in a lawless and sensual world when he crosses the US's southern border.

Wandering without hope in a place that obeys only raw power, he meets a woman who saves his life and, in return, extracts his promise to rescue her sister, Mirabelle, from a Central American country on the brink of revolution before Mirabelle can be lured into deeper danger by the false coyote Soto. Pursued through crumbling cities and down a jungle river, Ethan finds himself in a country where personal and political traumas converge in a guerrilla war in which the sides are unclear and the stakes beyond reckoning. Ethan sought absolution and relief when he abandoned everything he knew, but to save Mirabelle, he must make a choice that will place him far beyond the borders of redemption.

Horse Latitudes is a lushly-written modern gothic -- part thriller, part nightmarish journey into the moral uncertainty at the heart of the American experience in Central America.

About the Author

Morris Collins received his MFA from Penn State University in 2008. His short fiction has recently appeared in "Gulf Coast, Michigan Quarterly Review, Passages North, " and the "Los Angeles Review" among other magazines. He lives in Boston. "Horse Latitudes" is his first novel.

Praise For Horse Latitudes

"About a quarter of the way through Horse Latitudes, a woman asks Ethan, the book's troubled protagonist, if he wants to die or if he's just an asshole? "Ethan didn't see why it had to be one or the other," Morris Collins writes. And that was when I knew: this is the best debut novel of the year, hands down. Comparisons to Joseph Conrad, Graham Greene and Malcolm Lowry practically write themselves, but Horse Latitudes also calls to mind such modern noir greats as James Crumley and Kem Nunn. Ethan's story is a febrile journey into an unknown landscape, a table-side seat at a game of Russian roulette that has no winners. It's also erudite, funny and sexy as hell."
Rebecca Oppenheimer, Events Coordinator at The Ivy Bookshop

In the best tradition of Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim and Malcolm Lowry’s Under the Volcano, Morris Collins’ Horse Latitudes is a remarkable debut novel, detailing one man’s quest for redemption through a quixotic adventure in Central America, couched in brilliant, bold lyricism, flavored with heartbreak and danger. Fast-paced and hypnotic, it holds you in its spell and won’t let go, leaving images like exotic souvenirs in its wake.”
William J. Cobb, author of The Bird Saviors

Morris Collins’ Horse Latitudes reads like a Graham Greene novel for the twenty-first century, reinventing the citizen abroad for a new global age, one where the quest for redemption and righteousness still rarely leads to clarity, only cloudier choices, unfair outcomes, darker ambiguities. Ambitious and striking, Horse Latitudes delivers, offering readers an adventurous moral thrillerand a truly powerful debut.”
Matt Bell, author of In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods