The Language of Sharks (Paperback)

By Pat MacEnulty, Pat MacEnulty (Other)

Serpent's Tail, 9781852428495, 216pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2004



"The Language of Sharks" is about girls eager to discard their innocence, and women yearning to regain it.

A college girl named Jenny admits she is in an abusive relationship, and acknowledges her own complicity. A career woman looks back on her dubious past, and her confession to a prospective lover leaves no doubt about her guilt. From the Miami hooker to the suburban housewife, all the protagonists search for meaning in their troubled lives.

At times humorous, at other times heart-wrenching, these stories document the ways in which we survive, often in spite of ourselves.

The author of the standout "Sweet Fire," Pat MacEnulty lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is the recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Florida Arts Council.