Lizka and Her Men (Paperback)

By Alexander Ikonnikov, Andrew Bromfield (Translator)

Serpent's Tail, 9781852428815, 155pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2008



" Alexander] Ikonnikov has a light touch . . . Lizka triumphs thanks to her charm: the same goes for this book."--Metro

After Lizka's first sexual experience sets the locals' tongues wagging, she leaves her rural hometown and moves to the city--and from one relationship to another. A tragicomic picture of provincial Russian characters, habits, opinions, and desires.

About the Author

Alexander Ikonnikov was born in 1974 in Urshum near Kirov on Lake Viatka. Having finished his German studies, Ikonnikov became an English teacher without knowing a word of English, and after a 2-year stint in the snow covered wasteland of Bystritza he returned to Kirov to become a journalist. He now writes full-time.