The Hebrew Myths: The Book of Genesis (Hardcover)

The Book of Genesis

By Robert Graves, Raphael Patai

Carcanet Press, 9781857546613, 600pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2005



This exhaustive exploration of the Hebrew myths and the book of Genesis resulted from a remarkable collaboration between one scholar raised as a strict Protestant and one raised as a strict Jew. It goes beyond Christian biblical and Judaic myth and incorporates midrashes, folk tales, apocryphal texts, and other obscure sources to extend and complete the stories. An intriguing view of the suppressed and censored pre-biblical accounts is the result, along with a rich sense of a culture consisting of oral and literary traditions, where the spiritual is deeply rooted in landscape and history.

About the Author

Robert Graves was the author of I, Claudius, The White Goddess, and Greek Myths. He was a poet, classical scholar, novelist, and critic. Raphael Patai was an anthropologist, Jewish folklorist, and biblical scholar. He was the author of Man and the Temple and Jewish Seafaring in Ancient Times.