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Edible Satire

French Cuisine with a Twist

Isadora Chai


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- Provides an almanac of the degustation - appreciative tasting of various foods - menus that have featured in the past at the chef's own venue, Bistro Table, which remains the only restaurant in Malaysia to have themed degustation dinners every month- Presents lavishly photographed dishes, accompanied by a set of experimental recipes for each of Isadora Chai's degustation menus, which showcase her originality, sophistication, and innovative qualities -Recipes are expertly set out with incredible attention to detail of each specific element on the plate, and include international cuisines, spectacular desserts, and other delectable dishes- Features the author's very own graphic Manga novel, Raxicon, which showcases a unique set of degustation dishes. Each chapter records a particular degustation theme and offers an insight into how the chef's past and present transgressions were translated into edible satire This book is every foodie's dream cookbook, a book like no other: a secret almanac of sorts of the themed degustation nights that have featured in Isadora Chai's venue, Bistro Table, in Kuala Lumpur--a hole-in-the-wall venue that remains as the only restaurant in Malaysia to have themed degustation dinners every month.Resplendent with stunningly detailed photography, Isadora Chai's cookbook explores her gastro gourmand's take on a delicious array of superbly satirical but infinitely edible recipes. She details many sophisticated--very passionate--and innovative culinary surprises, including a wide range of dishes directly reversed, such as the Reversed Sushi and the Reversed Root Beer Float, where the proportions of the components and the composition of well-known dishes are reversed. Other menus reflect the heady worlds of politics, love and war no less. The book also includes a beautifully illustrated Manga graphic novel--by the author's own hand--which presents an exquisite collection of dishes from the degustation combining modern Japanese food, subculture and art. Intrigued? This book is unique and spectacularly expressive snapshot of a culinary expert whose star continues to be on the rise.

Images Publishing Group, 9781864707342, 224pp.

Publication Date: April 8, 2019