PPPPPP (Paperback)

Poems, Performance, Pieces, Proses, Plays, Poetics

By Kurt Schwitters, Jerome Rothenberg (Translator), Pierre Joris (Translator)

Exact Change, 9781878972354, 251pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2002



Kurt Schwitters' stated goal was to "erase the boundaries between the arts." This collection, culled from the five-volume German edition of Schwitters' writings, introduces the total work of art that is Merz through Schwitters' words. Included is the complete text for the "Ursonate," Schwitters' legendary and lengthy epic of sound poetry, which, as poets, editors and translators Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris comment, "is to sound poetry what Joyce's Ulysses is to the twentieth-century novel.