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Cover for The Mold

The Mold

Gary Gentile


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Mold invades our lives on a daily basis. It lives on our skin, on our food, on bathroom tile, in damp basements - in fact, it inhabits every niche in which life can be sustained. It possesses amazing resilience; it thrives and reproduces under the harshest environmental conditions. But this new Mold is different. Instead of subsisting only on one particular kind of nourishment, this Mold consumes every bit of organic matter that it touches, whether that matter is dead or alive. It grows at such a phenomenal rate that it devours an entire building overnight - and the people who are in it. Can this mutant Mold be stopped before it engulfs the landmass of the entire planet? A small but intrepid group of survivors struggles against all odds to eradicate the spread of infection before it breaks out of the Australian outback and reaches civilization. This is their story.

Chimaera Bookworks, 9781883056353, 268pp.

Publication Date: September 17, 2009