J Loughrans Natural Skin Care (Paperback)

By Joni Loughran

Frog in Well, 9781883319755, 250pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 1998



Loughran provides numerous natural approaches that one can take for healthy skin, such as stress aromatherapy, stress management, massage, nutrition guidelines, and Ayurveda techiniques. She emphasizes that skin care starts from the resolution to calm and clarify the mind and body, and presents simple and refreshing alternatives to commercial products on the market today that can often overwhelm the skin with harsh chemicals. This book is crucial for anyone who wishes to regain control of their physical health and mental calm, and most importantly, their natural beauty.

About the Author

Joni Loughran has twenty-two years experience in the health and beauty field as a practitioner, educator, and consultant. She is a licensed cosmetologist with advanced studies in European austhetics and aromatherapy. Joni currently has a private practice and works in product development for natural cosmetic manufacturers.

Praise For J Loughrans Natural Skin Care

"Joni takes the reader beyond the basics to better health and well being, from traditional techniques to alternative methods. Wonderful!"
- Kimberley Wheat

"Finally! Joni Loughran's conception of beauty is not about glamour, or show, or making you skin into something it isn't. It's about creating the healthiest complexion possible by taking the health of your skin seriously--not just of the face, but from head to toe."
- Buck Levin

"Joni offers a practical and holistic approach that allows beauty to emerge from a foundation of health. Her vision of beauty is truly more than skin deep."
- Laurel Vukovic, Natural Health Magazine

"Joni Loughran teaches us wisely and with sweet fragrance how to easily care for our skin with pure and simple remedies. This book is a must."
- Jeanne Rose