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Seven Lives, Seven Games

Ravi Rao


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Could it happen? Is it real? Do you believe? Would you do the same for your love? These are just some of the questions you may find yourself asking while reading Seven Lives, Seven Games.The Lives . . . Two married couples learn they cannot have children. One couple finds the tragedy bringing them together, while the other experiences debilitating grief and isolation. Both continue in their respective directions, until an unexpected presence finds them, forcing them to re-evaluate the very nature of their relationships.The most talented athlete of his generation and the most talented sportscaster of his generation are caught in the winds of national despair. Together, unknowingly, they commit the greatest of crimes - a violation of trust. A man they both trust will help them do it.A man who has suffered disappointment for years finally gets the chance to taste success for a brief moment. But then he must decide whether or not his dreams or his duties matter more.The Games . . . Each person's passions and beliefs are challenged by the outcome of the games.

Robert Reed Publishers, 9781885003928

Publication Date: January 1, 2010

About the Author

Ravi Rao grew up in Chicago and was a loyal fan of local baseball, basketball, and football teams. After earning an M.D. and Ph.D., he assisted in over 100 brain and spinal cord operations and procedures as a resident physician in neurosurgery in Boston. He currently works as a management consultant in Cleveland, Ohio. He has written several scientific publications and now his first novel, Seven Lives, Seven Games.